The First Sunrise 2022

The First Sunrise 2022

The First Sunrise in Osaka, Japan

Hi, this is Youkou.

The above image is a photo I took on this New Year’s Day.

Every year, I go out to see the first sunrise with my family. We always leave our house before sunrise and worship the sun when it rises.

I was afraid it might rain that day, but fortunately it turned out fine. It was amazing this time too.

In Japanese beliefs, the sun is often compared to 天照大御神様(Amaterasu-Omikami-sama) or 大日如来様(Dainichi-Nyorai-sama).

天照大御神様(Amaterasu-Omikami-sama) is 神様(Kami-sama, ≒deity) of 神道(Shinto). She is enshrined at 伊勢神宮(Ise-Jingu).

Ise Jingu Official Website

大日如来様(Dainichi-Nyorai-sama) is 仏様(Hotoke-sama, Buddha) of 仏教(Bukkyou, Buddhism). 真言宗(Shingon-shu, Shingon sect), one of the major sects of Buddhism, enshrines 大日如来様(Dainichi-Nyorai-sama) as its principal 仏様(Hotoke-sama, Buddha).

高野山金剛峯寺(Koyasan-Kongobuji) is one of the most famous temples as the head temple of 真言宗(Shingon-shu, Shingon sect).

Koyasan Official Website

The Sun is also one of the most important beings in "東風 (KOCHI)".

The title of the teaser video is "Sunrise," and the first scene depicts the sunrise. These have meanings such as "start", "all", "origin", and "end".

There are no characters related to the sun in this game. However, I would like to create a system where we can feel the sun. Specifically, I emphasize the expression of light, such as "morning/evening glow", "crepuscular rays", and "sunlight filtering through the trees".

磨崖梵字仏 Magai-Bonji-Butsu

摩崖梵字仏(Magai-Bonji-Butsu) at 宝満山(Houmanzan)

These 梵字(Sanskrit characters) meaning 大日如来様(Dainichi-Nyorai-sama) are carved into the huge rock.

The sun shines on all people regardless of their faith. I sincerely hope that everyone will be illuminated by the radiance.

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