Toka Ebisu

Nomi Jinja at Takatsuki, Osaka

On the 10th of this month, I went to 十日戎(Toka-Ebisu) at 野見神社(Nomi Jinja, Nomi Shrine).

野見神社 – 高槻鎮守の御社

Toka-Ebisu is a traditional event held for three days before and after January 10 every year at Ebisu shrines. It is especially famous in the Kansai region.

Toka-Ebisu of Imamiya-Ebisu Shrine (Yomiuri Shinbun Online)

During the festival, the shrine grounds are filled with shouts of "商売繁盛で笹持ってこい(Business prosperity, Bring in the bamboo branches)".

Worshippers buy lucky bamboo branches and rakes decorated with sea breams and 小判(gold coins).

I prayed to 恵比寿様(Ebisu-sama) in the hope that Zelkova Research Institute would be of service to you, and bought bamboo branches and rakes for this year. These lucky charms are displayed for a year and returned to the shrine the following year.

May this year be a wonderful one for you:-)


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