Welcome to the World of "東風 (KOCHI)"

Welcome to the World of "東風 (KOCHI)"

Happy New Year!

Nice to meet you.

I'm Youkou Taniguchi who is in charge of the project "東風 (KOCHI)" at Zelkova Research Institute.

What's "Zelkova Research Institute" ?

Zelkova Research is an institute based in Osaka and Fukuoka, Japan.

We focus on the research about "decentralized family business" and a development of the game "東風 (KOCHI)".

Website: https://note.com/zelkova_inst (Japanese)

What's "東風 (KOCHI)" ?

It's the video game under development by Zelkova Research Institute.

The first teaser video "Sunrise" is now available on YouTube. Please check it out!

東風 (KOCHI) teaser “Sunrise”

The setting is the mountain "宝満山 (Houmanzan)" in the north of Kyushu. It's home to many Kami-gami(神々, ≒deities), Buddhas, and their families.

"東風 (KOCHI)" is a general term for this game's stories that depict people's faith and hold a service for a departed soul from the perspective of these non-human beings.

"宝満山 (Houmanzan)" is revered by people as a mountain of faith.

The lead character is "龍女 (Ryujyo)" who is a princess of a clan of dragons living in the north of Kyushu. She serves "玉依姫命 (Tamayorihime-no-Mikoto)" who is Kami-sama(神様, ≒deity). "玉依姫 (Tamayorihime)" is enshrined at the top of "宝満山 (Houmanzan)".

One day, she was ordered to deliver the voice of sky to a certain person living in Dazaifu in 901CE.

The person is named "菅原道真 (Sugawara no Michizane)". In Japan, he is a very famous Kami-sama(神様, ≒deity). Before becoming Kami-sama, he had been working as a human in Kyoto, but was relegated to Dazaifu.

The player, as a member of "宝満山 (Houmanzan)", will work together with "龍女 (Ryujyo)" to carry out the story.

About Staffs of the First Teaser Video "Sunrise"

Logo: Sekka https://www.yukinoe-sekka.com/

Music: Takamichi Fujibata https://www.instagram.com/isefuji_farm/

CG: Youkou Taniguchi https://yokotamanoko.com/

Sekka is a calligrapher.

For the video, she created a logo in the following motif.

  • A seed of the "緋桜 (hizakura)" that is the sacred tree of "宝満山 (Houmanzan)"
  • A soft wind reminiscent of "龍女 (Ryujyo)".

Fujibata is a guitarist and a strawberry farmer. 

For the video, He created music in the following motif.

  • the sunrise at the top of "宝満山 (Houmanzan)"
  • A strong wind blowing through the mountain.

CG is created by me, Youkou Taniguchi.

The first teaser video is a starting point for us. Actually, this is our first time to develop a game, so please support us:-)

Future Plans

The video game "東風 (KOCHI)" is expected to go on sale in Spring 2024.

We will do our best to deliver "東風 (KOCHI)" to everyone who is interested in it.

We hope you will look forward to it!

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