Happy Lunar New Year 2022

Happy Lunar New Year 2022

梅(Ume, Japanese plum)

Although the days are still cold, I can feel the signs of spring little by little in Japan.

Happy Lunar New Year! This is Youkou.

Before the day, I went to 石清水八幡宮(Iwashimizu Hachimangu) for the first time this year.

石清水八幡宮 Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine

Iwashimizu Hachimangu at Yawata, Kyoto

Iwashimizu Hachimangu enshrines 神様(Kami-sama, ≒deity) that was transferred a piece of spirits from 宇佐神宮(Usa Jingu). This shrine is located at 裏鬼門(Ura-Kimon, the southwest (unlucky) direction) of Kyoto.


八幡総本宮 宇佐神宮

Incidentally, 比叡山(Hieizan) is located at 鬼門(Kimon, the northeastern (unlucky) direction) of Kyoto.

HIEIZAN & BIWAKO tourism & convention Guide

宝満山(Houmanzan), the stage of 東風, is located at 鬼門(Kimon, the northeastern (unlucky) direction) of Dazaifu.

八幡様(Hachiman-sama) is very famous as 神様(Kami-sama, ≒deity) of protection from bad luck. This is 前厄(Mae-Yaku, a year before an unlucky year) for me, so I received purification and bought some 福豆(Fukumame, Lucky Beans) for 節分(Setsubun) at Iwashimizu Hachimangu.

福豆 Fukumame

福豆(Fukumame, Lucky Beans)

On the way home, I bought some 走井餅(Hashirii-mochi, rice cakes with red bean paste), a local specialty. It was delicious!

走井餅 Hashirii-mochi

走井餅(Hashirii-mochi, rice cakes with red bean paste)

The world of 鬼門(Kimon, the northeastern (unlucky) direction), 裏鬼門(Ura-Kimon, the southwest (unlucky) direction), and 厄除け(Yaku-Yoke, against bad luck) is very interesting for me. I would like to continue visiting various shrines and temples to deepen my understanding of that.

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