示現 (jigen, manifestation)

February 10th, 673 CE of the lunar calendar is believed to be the day when 玉依姫命 (Tamayorihime-no-Mikoto) appeared before humans in 宝満山 (Houmanzan).

This event led to the construction of a shrine at the top of Houmanzan.

This is said to be the present-day 上宮 (Jo-gu).

In myths that remain throughout Japan, Tamayorihime often appears in stories related to water, such as being 龍神 (Ryujin, a dragon deity) of water or a priestess who presided over water.

In fact, Houmanzan is known as a mountain that brings abundant water to the surrounding area.

Since time immemorial, this mountain has been a nurturer of life.

My first visit to 竈門神社 (Kamado Jinja, Kamado Shrine) at the foot of Houmanzan was in 2019.

It was only then that I learned of the existence of Houmanzan.


It was raining in Dazaifu that day, but I remember that the rain turned to a light drizzle when I arrived at the shrine.

That rain was very gentle and warm.

Strangely, and I may be mistaken, my clothes did not get wet at all, even though I was not holding an umbrella.

It was indeed a strange and very exciting event.

I sincerely wish you continued happiness, 玉依姫様 (Tamayorihime-sama).


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