Roll on Spring

Roll on Spring

Morning sun from the middle of 宝満山 (Houmanzan)

宝満山 (Houmanzan) is a mountain of prayer.

From ancient times to modern times, 神々(Kami-gami, ≒deities) of this mountain have received various wishes.

For instance, protection of the nation, the productiveness of grain, the safety of family, safe childbirth, health...etc.

My wish is to become a person who can help bring about world peace.

Compared to what is happening in reality, this wish may seem meaningless.

However, I cannot stop thinking about this idea.

I love to see people smile.

When I see someone crying, I want to help them.

When I see someone angry, I want to soothe them.

People can intentionally or unintentionally hurt someone.

The possibility of hurting someone without knowing it particularly frightens me.

Every time I think about it, I feel kind of miserable.

We must take responsibility for what we do, whether consciously or unconsciously.

I always encourage myself to have that resolve.

Of course, I will continue to make mistakes.

The important thing, in my opinion, is to live our life properly.

If we live uprightly, even if we fail, we can start over while the wounds are still fresh.

A bracing wind blows over the summit of Houmanzan.

It is a powerful wind that makes me forget the weight of my body.

It makes me feel like I can soar to great heights.

That wind reminds me that the world is connected.

I wish world peace from Houmanzan.


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